You’re about to remodel. What can you do to keep the ‘unknown’ costs under control?

It’s a common complaint among homeowners.  You have visions of beautiful new floors and cabinets, lovely granite and high-end appliances.  Shortly after your contractor begins tearing out your old kitchen, he comes to you with some bad news.

You have extensive dry rot.  Your pipes, hidden in the walls are a mismatched combination of pvc, copper and galvanized metal.  The beam holding up your ceiling is not heavy enough to support the structure.

In one moment, you see your beautiful dream kitchen becoming a nightmare.  Your bank account draining as if  it has a cut artery.

Here are some things you should know before embarking on a remodel that may better prepare you for reality:Remodel foundation inspection 001

  • Understand that a contractor doesn’t have a crystal ball.  He cannot see inside your walls or behind your cabinets.  He can only bid on what he can see.
  • Once the problem is uncovered, it is illegal for him to continue without properly remedying the situation.

Take a deep breath.  This is a very common occurrence, especially in areas with older homes.  During the depression, people used whatever they had lying around when a pipe broke – they couldn’t just run to the hardware store like we do now.

The fact is, from the moment your home is built, Mother Nature begins her slow and insidious assault on it.  Dry rot can be occurring for years without obvious signs.

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